The pandemic

It is now September. In the year 2020. How did we get here? Or more like how did we make it here? Five months. 5 months. Since it all began.

I’ve tried to stay optimistic, but yeah this isn’t my 20’s nor my 30’s anymore. A lot is at stake. A lot is at bay. A lot is in fray. A lot is just…


I strive for balance. Not only in ramen but also in life. It is what allows me to take the steps I need to take. The path I need to pave. The barriers I need to break.

But for five months, 5 months, the balance has been at tilt. A pin without a ball.

It is difficult to make decisions when you cannot foresee the future. Or more-so when you see a future that you cannot wish to foresee.

Is this how it’s going to be? Been on the run. Chasing my heart. Watching it break in front of me?

Help is just a helping hand away. Perhaps another five months. 5 months. For help to be my hand.

Hang in there. Don’t give up. Don’t hang there. Give it up.

This float is ours to boat.

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