A fresh finale…

Day 1304:

After a refreshing trip to the gym, it was time to pay a visit to an old friend.


This is still one of my favorite bowls to photograph.

I mean just look it at.

It’s beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful.

She is a true beauty!

For some reason, I was craving Iekei so I stopped at Katsuraya on my way home.


Okay maybe I shouldn’t have done that.



Day 1302:

When someone swears to you that the ramen from Yokarou (よかろう) in Toranomon is one of the best bowls they’ve ever had, it makes you wonder…

Could it really be that good? hmm.

Date night!

Pizza and tiramisu.


Tokorozawa tour…

Day 1301:

This may be my last chance to tour Tokorozawa so why not slurp a couple. Ayumi (歩) in Kotesashicho isn’t in any of the recent ramen mags, but I had a feeling it would be good.

And it was. It was really good.

The handmade noodles were silky smooth and chewy like udon.

And the egg…

One of the better bowls I’ve had all year. Perhaps this won’t be the last time I’m in Tokorozawa.

Kotetsu (こてつ) in Shin-Tokorozawa, on the other hand, is popular among the mags and has been recommended by the top ramen gods.

Honestly, the gods must be crazy.

I didn’t enjoy this bowl at all. Well, the noodles were good but that’s about it.


Munchies meeting.

Stay tuned…

Ivan and friends…

Day 1300:

Cheese dog.

Turkey wrap.

A REAL ramen burger.

Ivan Ramen Plus.


Ume-shio Hiyashi Ramen.

Ivan and friends.

Looking forward to the new Ivan Ramen opening up in New York. Perhaps we can work together again…

Where dreams begin…

Day 1298:

To some, an old school shoyu ramen might seem too simple. But be careful because simple can often mean too complex to comprehend.

Chuuka Tokudai is the best that Ogikubo has to offer. And yes I’m saying that to Harukiya’s face. haha.

Who knew chicken feet could taste so dreamy.

So good.

So much history.

Mutsuki (睦月) has been on my list for awhile and since I was already in Ogikubo I thought I’d get it out of the way.

Surprisingly, it was damn good.

And the noodles were extra chewy which was satisfying.

Very satisfying.

Off to Jiraigen boss’ house!!

Now that was funny!

Baby loko misses my beard.

So what do you do when your mentor shows you his 20yo collection of ramen books and says feel free to borrow any of them?

I had to change my pants…twice.

Tokyo Disneyland…

Day 1296:

Happy 30th!!

Wait, there really is ramen at Tokyo Disneyland?? This sure is the happiest place on Earth!


Hiyashi Chuuka.

Surprisingly, both of these bowls were pretty good!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.