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I am more proud of this than any other shop I’ve been associated with. Coming to queensbridge in September. Ramen Shack at Go Ramen Go Life, Inc. 

Comments have been enabled once again. 

Shoki in NYC!…

Years ago, I made the trek to Sacramento to meet the man behind “a bowl of dreams.” Years later we’ve remained great friends and shared many more bowls of dreams.

This month at Ramen Lab experience A Bowl of Dreams yourself until the end of the month. 


You may remember that I opened a ramen shop in fidi two years ago. Unfortunately, it was a big mistake. Sometimes it’s just so hard to find a trustworthy partner. Fortunately, that shop has now closed and I’m ready to begin again with my own trustworthy team. 
Apologies if it sounds like I’ve been venting in recent posts. Actually, I have been venting. Thanks for listening. 


After making a batch of tonkotsu for my customer, I decided to take some of the leftovers and infuse it with niboshi. Tonkotsu + Niboshi = Ton+Nibo

It was pretty amazing. 

Salt + Charcoal = Ramen Legend Night…

I don’t consider myself “young” anymore, but when a well-respected ramen chef tells me that I am, I don’t deny it and listen to every drop of advice he has to offer.

I am forever learning and tonight was another great learning experience. It is my time not just to create but also to protect. 

Ramen Shack Revival…

One year ago I debuted Ramen Shack at the now defunct Queens Smorgasburg and after a successful winter in Industry City the shack has been homeless. But not for long. 

Soon to be back in queens with a whole new set of tools. 

Summer Smorgasburg 2016…

They said it was just hype and that it would never last. Almost three years later I am still very proud of my creation. After all, it’s damn good. I may have been ridiculed in the past when it came to my chef background, but I will gladly challenge any chef to a ramen contest. Don’t be so surprised that “the ramen burger guy” can actually make a better bowl of real ramen than you. 
Sorry, I needed to get that out of my system. I’m not normally at Smorgasburg anymore but today I had to fill in for my vacationing manager. It’s always good to get on the grill and covered in burger grease. Every time I do, it brings me back to that first year. 
Password: keizo

Big time respect to this man in the red. Someday I might get to be a fraction of what he is.

Two posts in one day…

I moved to New York City (a city that I never thought I’d actually live in) in June of 2013 to open up a stateside “franchise” version of Bassanova. The short story to that was that I let my dreams get taken advantage of. What lured me back to the states became a tale of lies once I arrived. So I left. And after contemplating going back to Japan, I found a way to create the Ramen Burger. I’m sure by now you know how that turned out. I was blessed and my hard work paid off. But with success, comes drama. And oh what drama prevailed. 

It’s exhausting just thinking about it but I’ve learned so much about friendship, love, business, family, and me. It wasn’t all smooth sailing and swimming in duck-tales-money for sure, but looking back on it I do not regret a thing. I’ve left the regrets to others.

Go Ramen Go Life, Inc…

I was asked today why I haven’t written a book. It’s not that I don’t have a desire to write one, it just seems that all anyone wants in a food book these days are recipes. Recipes aren’t worth anything without the emotional stories to go with them. So from today, I will do my best to continue blogging about the one thing that has taken me to places beyond my dreams.

A lot has happened since we last met and I regret that I was never able to share the story like I always have before. I am back in control of everything around me now and I think it’s time to continue my story and share my ramen thoughts with you once again. I’ve disabled comments because there’s been so much spam so if you need to reach me feel free to email me at anytime. Go Ramen! Go Life!