Day 969:

GCP in the morning…

And pizza?

Haha…time to get drilled! At Basso Drillman (BASSO ドリルマン) of course.


For new school shoyu ramen, I’d have to say that this was right up there with the best. Jiraigen-level.

Hey look who’s back in Tokyo? What up Hiro!!!

There’s only ONE ramen world and we are ALL living in it…

Lucky me…

Day 968:

As I awoke from my dream, Lucky the dog reminded me just how lucky I was.

I just spent the night in the guest bedroom of one of my ramen idols…

And now I’m eating ramen with him at Tsukesobaya Menraku (つけそば屋麺楽) in Ome.

Marucho-kei (丸長系) Tsukemen to be exact.

Alright, who pinched me?

I guess it doesn’t matter…

My saikoro dream…

Day 967:

I had this dream…

And it went a little something like this.

Santa was making sushi…

And I was sitting next to one of my idols.

Meanwhile, on the phar cyde of town…

dj was playing dddddrop!

And then, for no reason

A legendary samurai began slicing sashimi.

Some of the freshest sashimi in the land.

And of course…

Toriton (鶏豚)

A dream is never complete without some ramen…

Shoyu Ramen

In the company of great friends.

Thank you for not pinching.

And perhaps we can continue this dream tomorrow…

Summer soba…

Day 966:

Soba can sometimes be used to refer to ramen (i.e. chuukasoba, green curry soba), but you should never refer to soba as ramen. Yeah it’s a little confusing but just trust me on this.

I met up with the president for lunch today and to change things up a bit he recommended one of his favorite soba shops in Kanda. Like ramen, soba is noodle-based but the two are entirely different breeds. I’ll explain more on these differences some other day, but for now it’s time to get in line!

Kasuga (そば処春日), as you can see above, is a popular shop that always generates a line. The Hiyashi Kitsune Soba (冷しきつねそば) is only available in summer and is perfect for beating the heat.

What separates Kasuga from the others is that the noodles have a lot more bite or “koshi”. If you’re in the Kanda area and want to take a break from ramen to try some authentic Japanese Soba, then Kasuga is worth a visit.

Tomato! So I had dinner with Yamamoto-san and friends again tonight, but for some reason this was the only good pic I took. haha.

On my way home I noticed a new Chinese restaurant, Hakuba (千客万来白馬), in Eifukucho that had ramen on the menu.

Midnight snack!!



Peppered beef…

Day 965:

In the narrow alleys that reside north of Shinagawa Station lies an aging shop with a legendary Pepper Ramen.

Tenka (天華) has one time or another been in all the ramen mags and praised by all the ramen gods.

The Pepper Ramen (コショウそば) is well…

Very peppery.

And the soup is very thick. It wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but I’d like to try it again someday.

Yamamoto-san ordered the Tan Tan Men.

But I’ll keep his comments off the blog. haha.

After a few beers we decided to skip the ramen yatai…

And go grub on some meat!

Thank you Yamamoto-san!

Welcome back to Tokyo!

A new fortune…

Day 962:

After trying for about a month, I finally made it out to the new Ichifuku (一福) in Hatsudai to say hello to one of my favorite ramen chefs.


Ahh…still one of the best curries!

And one of my favorite bowls…Irori Ramen (囲炉裏麺).

Of all time.

Hatos Bar!!

In the evening I went back to the best bbq joint in Tokyo. What up So!

And then called it a night after slurping a bowl at Kiwa.

As always the master was his friendly self. Only this time he said that I’ve changed.

Hmm…I wonder what exactly he meant.