Imu party…

Day 1244:

Imu in Tokyo. This could be a first.

So you better grab a Kona beer before they disappear.

Headed by my bro Guy, the 808 crew did it proper.

Kalua pork!!!

This has got to be the first ever Imu backyard party in Tokyo.

And I was honored to be a part of it.

Afterwards Will and I were off to Sakai. But we stopped by Bia Bia to see an old friend.

Bai Bai! See you in Sakai!!

With midnight approaching, a ramen snack was in order. But the only place open was this chain from Kyoto.

Kairikiya (ラーメン魁力屋 堺海山町店).

Okay, that was a little much.


Day 1243:

While I was in New York, a friend told me that Kanchintei (漢珍亭) would be closing soon. I didn’t believe it at first so I had to go check for myself.

It was true. They will be retiring at the end of April.

I must admit. My eyes became watery.

It’s not the greatest bowl in the world…

But it’s sad to see them go.

Thank you Kanchintei for 64 years of nostalgia.

And thank you for fulfilling my imaginations. お疲れ様でした。

As I wiped the tears away, Hanami was awaiting.

A beautiful sight at a most beautiful time.

I’m glad I made it back in time for this.

When you randomly ask a drunk stranger in the park to take a group picture…?

He takes a picture of himself. And that picture gets seen by the world. haha.

Good times in Yoyogi Park.

After party!!!


Too much…


Mikawaya Noodle Factory…

Day 1242:

Kenshiro flew into Tokyo last night just so we could go here…

The new Mikawaya Seimen noodle factory. And just like the last time, the only pictures I could take were in the men’s restroom. haha. Anyway, this factory is amazing. Amazing!

After a tour and an inspiring meeting with the Mikawaya boss, he took us to Bario (らーめん バリ男 吉祥寺店) in Kichijoji.

“Ramen of the man, by the man, for the man. (Ladies also welcome)”

Bario is another shop that they call Jiro-kei or Jiro-inspired.

It’s a beauty.

And for those of you who live in LA, the soon-to-be open Tsujita Annex will feature a ramen based on this one.

A man always finishes the entire bowl. hahah.

The rest of the day was spent at Nakamuraya…

in Ebina…

And after a quick meetup with Jiraigen Boss…

It was back to Bassanova so Kenshiro could sample our noodles.

And then we partied.

Full bloom…

Day 1240:

Gotta love this time of year.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom.

With Will in town, I had to show him the ramen ways.

Starting with ET.

The almighty ET.

And then some BPE.

For dinner I had to leave the crew for an important business meeting.


This is for Larry.

And the rest of the pictures from this night will remain private. haha.

Salvation tacos…

Day 1237:

It would be my last night in New York and there was only one way to celebrate…

Pig ears and ping pong!!

With chef Will preparing the meat…

This was one of the best nights yet.

Thanks to all for making this such a wonderful trip!

Goodnight…for now.


Day 1236:

The sister to Minca, Kambi in the East Village boasts nearly the exact same menu.

And the exact same results. I don’t know what it is. I’m just not a fan I guess.

Now here’s something I can be a fan of. Homemade Shio Ramen. It turned out much better than I thought it would.

Back to Times Square!!

Ahhh New York…


Day 1235:

I was in the neighborhood and I stumbled upon Menchanko Tei.

And their Menchanko Ramen.

It tasted more like udon.

Grand Central!!

Okay, it’s time to make my own ramen.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the finished product.