A dream connection…

Day 1001:


Sakura Shokudo (桜食堂) in Kyodo opened about a year ago with little or no hype.

But I must say that this Shoyu Ramen (醤油ら~めん) is one of the better bowls I’ve had this year.

It’s clean. And by clean I mean crisp and refreshing. An impressive blend of old-school and new-school.

Looking at the chefs uniform, I thought he had some connection with FDNY so I asked him. It turns out he doesn’t. Apparently, a uniform shop in Shimokitazawa has these shirts numbered 1 through 4 and although he currently works alone, he thought it would be cool to have his staff where these with a different number. Ha! Now that’s some inside scoop! lol.

Anyway, this night was all about the dream connection.

Four years ago, it started with a bowl of dreams

And then a trek to Sacramento to slurp one of the best bowls of ramen in NoCal.

Yup, Shoki Ramen in Tokyo!!! After a great dinner, Ueyama-san wanted to check out IRP so I took them.

Thank you Ueyama-san!!!

1000 days…

Day 1000:

One thousand days of living my ramen dream…and I woke up craving katsu-don. haha.

But that craving must have been a fluke…


Cuz I was back to my ramen ways by late afternoon.

Love this place.

And so do the birds.

Jerk GCS!!!

Speaking of jerk…

Haha, jk jerks.


Day 999:

After working the lunch shift…

I got the night off so I could hang with family. Although I may not show it, my family means everything to me.

Immediate or not, family is family.

Friends are also family.

Good Wood Kenta

And enemies?…

Well, who needs enemies.


Day 996:

About six months ago I ate at Wadachi for the last time. For shortly after that they had closed shop for good. I found out some of the reasons during my recent secret adventure, but I’ll have to refrain from posting them today. Anyway, about six days ago I noticed a new shop had opened up in its place. Tsukemen Roku (つけ麺六) in Shinsen.

Just what we need…

Another tonkotsu-gyokai tsukemen shop. haha.

Alright, time to dice some onions.

And let the tears fall…


Day 992:

It hasn’t been lost, but it has been wandering. The absence of creativity affects the creative imagination unimaginably.

The mind will always race without a finish. Run, stop. Let go, hold on. Let it wander. Let it bleed. After all, everything is meant to be…