A Ramen Manifesto…

By Keizo Shimamoto


When I first created the Ramen Burger not only did I want to make it delicious, I wanted to make it represent the natural blend of two cultures. Two cultures that represent my life and my hybridized imagination: Japanese-America. With that as my base I felt I could create something special. Luckily enough, my Ramen Burger became an instant sensation and took the world by storm within hours of being announced on this blog. With appearances on almost every media outlet you can imagine (and some you can’t imagine), my Ramen Burger was being talked about in households around the country {and the world}, tacitly educating the difference between instant ramen versus traditional. With that said, it is time to re-introduce a separate focus.


The success of Ramen Burger has given me an entirely new opportunity–an opportunity to reach millions with my passion for ramen. There cannot be a better time than now to remind people that I, Keizo Shimamoto, is not just the creator of the Ramen Burger, but a devoted ramen fanatic and an aspiring ramen entrepreneur with dreams of spreading ramen love throughout the world. Four years ago, I quit my job as a computer programmer to embark on a dream. A dream where the goal has always been to constantly live, learn, spread great ramen throughout the world, and to educate those who are unfamiliar with the traditional Japanese styles. Evidently, there is much more to ramen than just “instant.” Undeniably, it is our responsibility to bridge the gap with the world’s perception.


In Japan, ramen is generally considered fast-food–a type of food that can be eaten in thirty minutes or less. With an increasing number of fast service type restaurants gaining popularity in America, ramen would be a natural fit for that I-don’t-have-much-time-SO-MAKE-IT-FAST model. Therefore, in order to bridge the gap, this new model will provide real ramen, real food in an instant.


Comfort food: Ramen, Ramen Burger, and one other–the Japanese Bento. Aside from ramen and burgers, I also grew up eating bento. In fact, during my four years in Japan, if I wasn’t slurping ramen I was probably ordering take-out at the local bento shop. In my eyes, there have always been two kinds of Japanese bento: Makunouchi (a box bento with many small items) or fast service bento (a delicious protein with a few small items). I’ve always preferred the fast service kind when I’ve needed additional comfort in between bowls. With that in mind, my Japanese bento will be an additional soul food in Ramen.Co’s concept and allow you to completely satisfy your hungry soul–all around Japanese-American comfort style.


Ramen.Co is just the beginning. Playing off the name and my authentic bi-traditional concept, Ramen.Co will begin to open up multiple opportunities. .Collaboration, .Cooperation, .Collection, .Connection, etc. The ideas and possibilities are endless, beginning from a strong foundation. A strong foundation that involves a wide range of talents. A wide range of talents that thrives from a common bond. A common bond that builds from passion. A passion that pours from my soul and into your food. Ramen.Co, the next generation of soul food is here.


I must apologize. For not just one thing, but many things. As you know, I’ve already failed on my new years resolution, so I will again apologize for that, but I also must apologize for not keeping you up to date with my recent life. For one, I know I never filled you in on my new ramen shop in FiDi called Ramen.Co so I must apologize. (Stay tuned for more info in my next post…promise!) Two, the reason I stopped writing was yes because I suddenly got very busy, but it wasn’t necessarily just because of busy being piled upon busy. No matter how busy I’ve been in the past I always found a way to catch up on posts because it was a way to vent and keep me sane and focused on what my dream has always been. In the past, it always felt good to write even if it meant just writing a single word or phrase. With that said, the real honest reason I lost the desire to keep posting was because of a single threat from a single entity who made it seem like my sincere actions and my candid words could f*** the wrong people. To the media, I must apologize for ignoring your emails and/or misguiding your curiosity. With all the positive press from the infamous Ramen Burger I concocted last summer (thank you so much), there has also been a small amount of jealousy and hate (hidden behind all the love) that creeped in through the cracks. Normally I wouldn’t care less, but this time it wound up really affecting my actions. I know, I know…you want me to go into details…but I will apologize for that too. There will be a time and a place for that in the future. To my friends (my dearest fans), thank you for always understanding. I hope from here on out I will be able to once again share with you my passion and my love for all things ramen and more. In less than two months, my wife and I will become first-time parents to a baby girl and we couldn’t be more excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you and once again…I’m sorry.