Limited Edition Ramen Burger™ at Dassara…

Beginning 9/15 for FOUR weeks, FOUR recipes…first introduced at Smorgasburg, then served for an entire week at Dassara Ramen in Brooklyn (50 RB’s per day). The concept: A month-long Chef Collaboration with me, Keizo Shimamoto. Brooklyn…Ramen…Burger…at its finest.

And to kick it off?? A party. But not just any party. A Ramen Dreams Ramen Burger Launch Party on Saturday 9/14!!!!!!

That’s right. After we pack up at Smorg, we’ll head straight to Dassara and serve 200 more Ramen Burger’s to the first 200 to attend. And then just get wasted in their backyard.

So who wants to join me?

More details to come…

Thank you Los Angeles!!

What an amazing turn out. My apologies to all the people that got turned away but thank you very much for showing your support.

Thank you Mitsuwa Torrance.

Thank you Osawa Pasadena and Chaya Downtown.

Thank you to my amazing staff of friends and family.

Thank you mom for always supporting me.

Thank you for approving!

Thank you all for making this such a special weekend.

Go Ramen! Go Life!

Thank you Cameron Leung Photography for all the amazing photos.

Incredible people, incredible fun.

Thank you Tachibe-san!!

A special thanks to my brother Jeff and sister Miho. You guys are the best! Thank you for putting this event together on such short notice. Can we do it again??

Ramen Burger Los Angeles AND Smorgasburg Week 6…

A week ago I had a dream that my mom would be able to try a Ramen Burger™, not an imposter but a REAL Ramen Burger™, the same one I debuted at Smorgasburg five weeks ago. Today that dream will come true. But not only will my mom be able to eat one, my fellow Angelinos who come early will also get to try one.

So get ready California. Get ready Los Angeles. 500 hundred Ramen Burger’s (and maybe some more) will be first come first serve for $8 beginning at 11am this Saturday (9/7).

Where?? At Mitsuwa Market in Torrance. 21515 S. Western Ave., Torrance,CA 90501

And to my fellow Brooklynites, don’t worry we’ll still be at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg this Saturday too.

Ramen Burger™!! On both coasts!!!! What’s next? Global??