Day 1123:

Menya Musashi Bujin (麺屋武蔵 武仁) in Akihabara has been recommended to me many times in the past so when the president says ‘let’s go’, we go!

The Akiba Karii Tsukemen (アキバカリーつけ麺) looked interesting…

But the president suggested I try the Bujin Tsukemen (武仁つけ麺), one of his favorites. And when the president talks, I listen.

The tsukemen here is a bit like Rokurinsha, but with a slightly lighter feel. In other words, it’s thick but it doesn’t feel too thick. Its sweetness is manageable and the thick block of chashu is remarkably tender.

Thank you mister prez!!! I’m so glad that you are doing better! 頑張って!

Cheese senbei!! Spicy Chicken Nuggets!!

I decided to change it up a little.


Day 1122:

On the 29th of every month Niku Niboshi Saikoro in Nakano hosts “Niku no Hi (Meat Day)!”

Where every bowl of Niku Niboshi Chuukasoba is only 500 yen. Yup, one coin!!

Yusuke-san was hard at work dishin’ out six bowls at a time.

Sometimes it pays to know the chef. Free gyoza!!

Now isn’t she a beauty…

Homemade noodles…

And a voluptuous egg.

A beautiful bowl calls for a blissful break in a beautiful park.

By the way, this is what I love about Japan…

Dicey dinner…

Day 1120:

When hanging out with ramen friends, even when you’re not going to eat ramen, it’s easiest to meet up at a ramen shop first. Tonight, Tamayakata (らーめんたま館) in Tachikawa was our meeting point.

Then it was off to dinner nearby.

This dinner was only dicey because it was with Koitani-san and the Saikoro team + Hiroshi. Jiraigen Syndicate!!!

Dinner was so much fun that Boom and I missed our last train. We did manage to get to Fujimigaoka though. And the first thing I did when we got there was search for ramen. Ookubo (つけ麺 らーめん おおくぼ) was the closest shop still open so we hopped in for a bowl.

Boom got the Shoyu Ramen.

And I got the Atukara Tsukemen (あつからつけ麺).

I’m assuming atsukara means hot & spicy…

Cuz this separate dipping bowl was pretty hot and spicy.

Just add a few spoonfuls of soup…

And viola! Another tsukedare.

Okay I’m way to drunk for this. I think I see something in the bamboo forest.

Do you see it too?


Day 1118:

On the second day of a back-to-back 16-hour shift, one starts to get delirious and begins making grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast.

And then Boom brings us Wendy’s for lunch.

But there’s nothing like a GCS to snap out of it.

Dang, that was a long day…

DT detox…

Day 1116:

To detox from all that bad ramen…

DT was in need.

Hate it or love it…

This job is done.

This may be the first time I’ve kanshoku’d DT. haha.