The secret job…

Day 1372:

Somewhere in the East Village, while juggling my Ramen Burger‘s, I’ve decided to lend a ramen hand to a shop that needs it most.

Today I made this tsukemen. Hopefully you’ll see it on the menu soon.

Ramen Burger™ Debut…

Day 1369:

Good morning, America!!!

The day has finally come.

I can’t believe how fast news can travel. In just two days, the Ramen Burger™ went from dream to internet superstar before I even sold a single one.

And then we were asked to be on Good Morning America. Wow!

But as exciting as all this was and is, we still had Smorgasburg to do.

And before we could barely say irasshaimase, the line already looked like this.

It was truly amazing. And with an initial limit of 100 Ramen Burgers™, which became 150 after we stayed up all night prepping more, Mr. Pink ended up being the last lucky one.

Thank you all for braving the rain and standing in the long a** line for my creation. For those that had a chance to try it, I hope it was worth it. And for those that got turned away, I apologize profusely.

We learned a lot today and IF we do get to do this again someday we’ll be better prepared.

A BIG thanks to my awesome team. Hey Kris I can’t see your eyes!

Stay tuned for more announcements, more flavors, more events, more t-shirts, and more fun. Once again, thank you for all the great buzz.

Thank you Sun Noodle! Thank you Burger Maker! Thank you PleatPak! Thank you Burger Conquest!

Ramen Dreams forever!!!