The rabbit and the beast…

Day 788:

So I made it…to 600.

Yeah, you guessed it. Fitting right?

My last ramen of the year and bowl number 600 is none other than ET.

This will be my third new year in Japan. Time sure does fly. And as of now, I’m anticipating a fourth…

ET is a feast for any ramen beast. 来年もよろしくね!

It’s party time!! It took four trips, but I made it.


What a way to bring in the new year. Making ramen for friends in a cozy bar while also enjoying a few drinks.

Thanks Yukachin!

Homemade gyoza too!!


First ramen of the year!! Deuces!

Time to hit the temple.

And drink some sweet sake. Rabbit seems to like it a lot.

Let the dragons reign begin…

I remember eating one, but did I really have two? haha.

What a night. Happy New Year everyone! Let 2012 begin!! 今年もよろしく!

Basa’s last day of 2011…

Day 787:

I finished counting the bowls I’ve eaten this year. I didn’t realize I was this close to 600. Nice!


Thanks to everyone who came in today! We were surprisingly crazy busy. And I’m very sorry if I didn’t have time to talk with you. But thank you, thank you for the love!


I can’t wait to see you next year!

I stopped at Alticcio again after work today and since we still had some leftover soup I decided to serve ramen on New Year’s Eve at Alticcio until midnight. So see you tomorrow! Toshi-koshi ramen!!!

Best ramen curry…

Day 786:

There are a few bowls that I just know I have to slurp before the new year. And Ichifuku’s (一福) Irorimen (囲炉裏麺) is one of them. But more importantly I wanted to see Ishida-san and tell her 「良いお年を」.

Being that I was hungrier than usual, I decided to order the mini curry set with my ramen. Wow was I glad that I did! Ishida-san knows her ramen, but she also knows her curry. I can’t believe I was missing out on it all these years. By far the best curry I’ve had at a ramen shop (no offense Murakami-san).

One more day Nobo!! 頑張ろう!

Wow, and can you believe how fast these shiitake have grown?

Two more days until the end of the year. I guess I’ll start counting my bowls now…

Happy hope…

Day 785:

With 2011 coming to a close, it’s a time to be happy and a time for more hope. I passed by Nogata Hope (野方ホープ野方本店) on my way to Hanamizuki yesterday and pondered grabbing a bowl on my way back, but started to feel a little sick and decided against it. So today all I could think about was going back to Nogata for some hope.

Zenbu-iri (everything in it) Ramen (全部入りらーめん).

This is a ‘chaccha-kei’ style ramen which means seabura is grinded with a strainer over the bowl after the soup is poured and before the noodles are inserted. This bowl was above average…

But there is still hope for something better.

Did you know Bassanova has a Happy Hour? Well, we do, but we are thinking of getting rid of it. Oops, then maybe I shouldn’t have posted it. haha.

Bari bari blah…

Day 784:

I woke up this morning determined to go to a new ramen shop called Akakokko, but they were closed for lunch. So since I already rode my bike to Koenji, I thought I’d just ride it a little further to Nogata. After debating whether to go to Nogata Hope or Hanamizuki, I figured I’d check out Hanamizuki (つけ麺 花みずき) first–the “number one” tsukemen shop in Suginami-ku.

Really? Number one?

Okay it was good…

But number one?




After a quick snack in Bunkyo-ku, Nobo picked me up in his car and we headed to the “number one” shop in all of Tokyo–Menya Itto. Unfortunately, we were too late. Although it was only 9pm and they close at 10, they had already ran out of soup. 残念。

So instead, we wound up at Bari Bari Johnny (らー麺屋 バリバリジョニー). A friend once told me about this shop and how the owner spent time in America and speaks English and how they also have a green curry ramen. I didn’t get an opportunity to speak with the owner…

But I did get an opportunity to try their green curry. No competition (to basa’s that is!).

And their Shio Ramen.

I don’t know how to say it…so I just won’t.

Yo what u doing to my friend!!

Okay, remember this next pic.

So it wasn’t a good day for ramen today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better…


Day 783:

With Boom and Daikon gone for vacation, it’s just me and Nobo all week.

Daitabashi Taishoken

Thanks Nobo for sticking around! Let’s do this!


Merry merry…

Day 782:

Xmas hasn’t been the same since I moved to Japan, but that might just be a good thing.


Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Sorry for closing early today.

But I had a date with Koharu.

It’s Santa!!


Santa is everywhere!



Day 781:

After leaving slurping a GCS for Santa, it was time to meet my date for xmas eve.

Hello mum!

and boyfriend?

Ika, Hirame, Ebi
The Master

Thanks again for the lovely dinner!

Then it was off to Kuru Kuru to say hello and Merry Xmas. Thanks for the cookies!!!

Look at all the lamp shades…


Guts!! for Fukushima…

Day 780:

With Boom gone for the next week, it’s gonna be busy. Since I had to start prepping earlier than normal, I decided to stop by Kagetsu and try the new limited edition Kitakata Ramen produced by Osaki-san, the most admired man of ramen.

It’s all for a good cause so I won’t be too harsh, but as far as taste is concerned, is this really the best they could do?

Well, after all it is Kagetsu.

Eve, eve

TV time!!…

Day 779:


Since Boom will be leaving for two weeks starting tomorrow, he let me have the night off. Thanks Boom!


When in Tsukushima, must have Tsukishima Rock.

Tsukishima Rock

After unexpectedly running into some old friends and joining them for more monja, I ended up missing last train. A taxi ride home from Tsukishima would have been brutal, but thanks to my awesome friend Hiroshi, I was able to get back without spending a dime. Thanks Hiroshi!! Drinks on me tonight!

Hangin’ with Hiroshi in Hatagaya is like walking around with the president.

He knows everyone.

And everyone knows him…