I promise…

I promise to blog more in 2014. There is still a lot of story to tell. Ramen, ramen burger, and others. And I promise to share some recipes. 😉

Have a happy new year. Be safe. And I’ll see you in 2014!!
Go Ramen! Go Life!

Ramen Fever II: The Ramen Burger Effect…

On a stage that the Dalai Lama once spoke, I spoke about Ramen Burger. And the people listened. I think. Haha.

Special thanks to Yoshie Ito, Taeko Baba, the Asia Society New York for inviting me and to Michael McAteer and Kenshiro Uki for joining me. I told you we didn’t have to be nervous!

If you have a minute, please watch this clip from last night.

If you have an hour, please watch the complete show here.

Ramen Burger in Northern Cali!!…

You asked for it, so now you will have it! To all my friends in the Bay Area, the original ramen burger is coming. And not just the original, but for the first time ever on any menu…the Double Ramen Burger!! With cheese or without! We’ll see you at Mitsuwa San Jose from 11am until they are all gone. Come early and get your hands on one!