Ajisen NY…

Day 1331:

Ajisen. They’re all the same. And I don’t think I can recommend any of them.

But on the otherhand, Amazing 66 is definitely recommendable!

But this is the day it all fell apart.


Day 1328:

Dim sum…

Hidden from plain view, highly-acclaimed sushi restaurant Ushiwakamaru transforms itself into Benkei Ramen after hours. Similar to Sanshiro in Midtown, Benkei is only open after midnight until 4am. (Except on Sundays when they open from 5pm to midnight.)

I must say…

This shoyu ramen was a welcome surprise.

It was a lot better than I expected it to be. Possibly the best shoyu ramen in New York.

And Benkei-san is one cool dude.

Thanks for letting me hang out!