The errant arrow…

Day 878:

I still don’t think highly of the master here

But I still come back. Go figure…

Anyway, I don’t go back that often. Only when I’m desperate.

A new tonkotsu shoyu ramen??


Day 877:

Spring is here…

The real ET…

Time for some smoke!

Uno-san from the 808 Lounge decided to smoke some of basa’s chashu.

And how did it turn out?

Well let’s just say these guys came to life…

Tori cheese!

Ramen Man in tha house!



Day 876:

If you find yourself in Sancha, then Washo (めん 和正) is a good place to go.

It seems ET influenced, but upon further research I could be wrong.

Plus, it was not nearly as good as ET.

Shuga stopped by one last time before he heads back to Fukushima. Good luck Shuga!!

Cheese senbei!

Alright, good night. And if you don’t like reading posts from two months back…then don’t!!

Everything bull…

Day 875:

Ramen made with beef bones have been all the rave lately and Matador (牛骨らぁ麺 マタドール) in Kitasenju has been topping the charts. But don’t let them fool ya, beef is not a new phenomenon.

Anyhow, with Calvin on my left and Jordan on my right, it was time to get down.

The bowl’s beauty…is no bull.

The noodles are a bit soft…

But the rhythm is within beat.

Like most beef ramen, the soup is on the sweeter side, but this is a legit bowl of bull.

And speaking of bull…


Quite possibly the best burger I’ve had in Tokyo.

But then again, compared to ramen I haven’t eaten many.

The simple ramen life…

Day 874:

A simple Mabo Ramen lunch can spice things up a bit…

But eating ramen from a yatai (ramen cart) at 2am can really put your mind at ease.

It’s just a simple shoyu ramen…

Served from a simple pot of local ingredients…

Made by a simple man who just loves making ramen. You gotta love it!

uuuh…this is not a simple man. haha.

btw, An-san (above) is quitting his job at the end of the month so this will probably be the last time you see him.

Swamp hero…

Day 872:

While browsing the web for a new shop to visit, Sawagami (澤神) in Shin-Nakano caught my eye.

For this was a tsukemen shop serving only tsukemen and, like all good tsukemen shops should do, they make their own noodles.

But as I stood in front of the ticket machine with all intention to try their regular tsukemen, something else piqued my interest.

Pepper Lemon Tsukemen (ペッパーレモンつけ麺)!

I’d have to say that this was one of the better bowls of tsukemen that I’ve had recently. Not only were the noodles really good, the soup was a fresh change from what tsukemen soups have been bred to be.

Later in the night I finally got to try a shop that has been eluding me, Shinanoshinmen Resshi Junmei (信濃神麺 烈士洵名) in Kasuga. Bond Of Hearts!

Tokusei Ramen (特製らーめん). My first reaction: Woah the nori is almost as big as the bowl!

The noodles were slippery soft, but the soup here is a work of art. On a side note, it took way too long for my ramen to come out. 35 minutes after sitting down is just unacceptable.

Anyway, time for a cocktail!