Soft open and strong close

Wow. That was a roller coaster ride. Short-staffed from the get-go, we all had to put our experience to the test. Thankfully, this team was solid!

And wow. It was a rough week for me. But seeing all the love from the ramen community easily made up for it.

Very very thankful for many of you showing so much love. Shack wouldn’t have made it here without you.

This Future bowl came from a special place in my history and was really more about testing my love for an old school chuukasoba, the type of ramen that gave birth to my passion.

On the last day I had to remind everyone that no matter how dirty our future gets, it will still taste good in the end.

Now that I am comfortable and know that this team is capable of greatness, it’s time to get crazy. Are you ready? The evolution of ramen shack just caught fire…again

It’s time to show my family what it’s like to go for the gold. See you on Thursday January 16th for a taste of old and what’s to come. Ramen Shack Forever.

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