The glamour

This week I’ve been prepping past midnight almost every night. There are challenges in trying to prep for ramen during a certain window. Normally, a ramen shop may not open for lunch because they are prepping all morning and afternoon for dinner service. With the kitchen being occupied in the morning this option is non existent. And we still haven’t opened yet.

I tested my miso ramen today. Although it looks ok I won’t be putting it on the menu tomorrow. There are some definite flaws that I’m not happy about. I have been feeling a little under the weather today (perhaps from lack of sleep and plenty of stress) so it’s quite possible my sense of taste has just gone haywire. I’ll give it another go tomorrow.

But for now, soft open will happen tomorrow with a very limited (one ramen) menu. Even the eggs may not be ready because I kinda fudged those up too. Don’t ask. It’s been rough today.

Well at least just one item will mean for a smoother start to the soft open. But it’s almost midnight and still another two hours from getting home. Losing steam. Losing motivation. This is the glamour.

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